Our CFD experts apply advanced powerful computational tools to solve complex flowline and pipeline problems with a far greater level of detail than allowed by traditional methods.
Provided engineering solutions are typically from applications of the state of the art softwares and it includes but not limited to:

  • Conjugate heat transfer including radiation
  • Multiphase flow
  • Particle transport
  • Advance turbulent modeling
  • No-Newtonian fluid
  • Lagrange Discrete Element Method (DEM) and fluid coupled simulation
  • Fluid-Structure Interaction (Co-simulation CFD-FEA)
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and solid stress prediction.
    • Wall Thickness Calculations
    • Stability Analysis
    • Thermo-hydraulic Analysis
    • Bottom Roughness Analysis
    • Free spanning Analysis
    • Upheaval Buckling Analysis
    • Pipe-in-Pipe Systems
    • Subsea Hot Taps
    • Seismic Analysis

Some of the most common applications include simulation of:

  • Slug catchers
  • Multiphase flow separators and mixers
  • Manifolds, with/without leaks
  • Heat exchangers and pressure vessels
  • Choke and blow down valves
  • Subsea pipelines, hot taps
  • Cool down time of complex subsea equipment
  • Erosion and corrosion analysis
  • Vortex-Induced-Vibrations (VIV or FIV)
  • Water slamming and tank sloshing
  • Atmospheric dispersions, spills or accidental releases
  • Thermo-Hydraulic loads on structures
  • Hydro/Aero Dynamics
  • etc.

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