Flow Assurance (FA) is a very specific engineering analysis process discipline that ensures hydrocarbons flow as intended from “point A” to “point B”. These fluids may experience different environments over the project lifetime; such as changes in temperature and pressure. Flow assurance is not only to determine pipeline sizing and separator selection, but it also includes mitigation of a whole range of potential transportation problems in the flow path. These transportation problems comprise hydrate formation, wax deposition, asphaltene appearance, corrosion/erosion, scaling formation, emulsions, foaming, and of course severe slugging. To avoid these problems, defining and optimizing the right operating envelopes is critical and our flow assurance consulting team is here to help you resolve them or even better to help you prevent them.

We count with an extensive flow assurance experience per individual with more than 20+ years in projects worldwide. Experience that ranges from high pressure and high temperature deepwater offshore developments in the GoM to extensive and complex onshore gas condensate gas gathering networks in the Middle East. We offer expertise on single and multiphase fluid simulation using custom market state of the art simulators.

Unlimited Flow Solutions (UFS) is able to give you Flow Assurance technical support during the different asset life cycles, from the initial project stage, such as feasibilities studies, to troubleshooting and de-bottlenecking analysis during the operational stage of the field.

Key flow assurance activities we support are: 

  • Steady state analysis (pressure and temperature drop across the production system, liquid hold-up, pipeline sizing – hydraulic capacity, insulation, burial analysis)
  • Transient simulations for single and multiphase production systems (start-up, shutdown, cooldown, restart, pigging)
  • Detailed well modeling (start-up, shutdown, well stability)
  • Liquid inventory management
  • Modeling of pipelines upset events (slugging, leaks, heating/cooling Joule- Thomson effect)
  • Overpressure protection studies (line pack, water hammer, HIPPS)
  • Fluid Characterization – EoS and PVT modeling
  • Solid management (wax, asphaltene, hydrates, sand)
  • Heavy Oil
  • Erosion analysis
  • Independent third-party design validation/quality control

Our Flow Assurance consulting team has significant experience of both leading the subsea design effort and contributing to same on projects worldwide. Our consulting team have the depth of knowledge and experience to address all well related-, subsea facilities- and onshore reception facilities design and operational issues (some of which have been outlined above).

We provide technical support and project management of flow assurance activities during the different Asset life cycles:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Conceptual design
  • Preliminary and detailed design
  • Hook-up and commissioning
  • Operational troubleshooting and de-bottlenecking
  • Software systems implementation
  • Asset expansion and abandonment




“Communication, flexibility, experience, integrity and understanding the clients needs are the keys to success in our daily work.”

Ronnie Zerpa, Vice-President, Flow Assurance Consultant

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